This page summarizes various logistical details. Note: Arrival instructions last modified Monday morning June 13 - see below.

Puget Sound campus map

The following annotated excerpt from the Puget Sound campus map indicates the spaces we will use during the workshop. Please note that north is to the right on the map. Parking is free without permits during the summer.

Getting to the University of Puget Sound

The University of Puget Sound campus is located to the northwest of downtown Tacoma. The campus web site has more complete driving directions. (Follow the "To visit East Side of Campus" directions.) You'll approach Tacoma on I-5, but the specifics depend on whether you're coming from the north or the south:

GPS Notes:

  • At least some versions of Google Maps accept the address 1389-1499 N Lawrence St, Tacoma, WA for a parking lot between the Wheelock Student Center and our rooms in Thomas Hall/Commencement Hall.

Arrival on campus and first events

See the program page for more information about workshop events. (Modified Sunday morning 6/12; minor edits 6/13)

  1. Come to Thomas Hall (our dorm) when you first arrive on campus. Conference Services will be set up just outside of the Tahoma Room (south end of Thomas Hall on the first floor) to distribute keys between 3-5pm on Monday the 13th. If you arrive after 5pm, you can get your key from Brad Richards (call or text 206-913-7649).
    • Note:Thomas Hall (not to be confused with Thompson Hall where we will have sessions) has just been renamed from Commencement Hall in past few weeks, so you might see references on campus to the old name.
  2. You can park in any parking lots on the campus map without a permit. Lots P10 and P12 are close to both the dorm and the student center.
  3. The first workshop event is the Monday evening reception, 7-9pm, on the event lawn just to the west of Thomas Hall. After things wind down (or in case of inclement weather) we can move indoors to the Tahoma Room.
  4. The second workshop event is the Tuesday morning community breakfast,7:30-8:45am. After getting food at the dining hall in Wheelock Student Center, we'll meet in the Piano Lounge in the northwest corner of the student center (next to Diversions Cafe). Your dorm key will come with a tag you can show to the cashier in the diner to charge your meal to the event. If you arrive on Tuesday morning, call or text Brad Richards (206-913-7649) to get your key and/or tag.

Off-campus gatherings

1. Tuesday evening "wind-down"

For winding down at the end of the day on Tuesday (or another day), consider a stroll to Engine House No. 9:

2. Wednesday dinner location

The Wednesday evening dinner will take place at Anthony's Restaurant at Point Defiance, about 5 miles north of campus. We will travel to Anthony's in car pools.

Anthony's Restaurant
5910 North Waterfront Drive

Tacoma, WA 98407