SIGCSE '12 Workshop 34: CS in Parallel: Modules for Adding Parallel Computing to CS Courses, from CS2 to Theory of Computation

Presented by:

Dick Brown, St. Olaf College
Libby Shoop, Macalester College

Assisted by Mary Scaramuzza and Pat Garrity, St. Olaf College students


In this workshop you will use four modules that we have developed and use regularly in our introductory and intermediate-level courses to introduce parallel computing concepts.

Software You will Need

Please note the requirements for software for this workshop. We hope that having this installed on your laptops before the workshop will improve your experience. However, we will also help you out during the workshop and before it during the conference. You can ask questions and request assistance by sending email to us:

Workshop Schedule

3:00 Introduction


3:10 Part 1

Programming with Multiple Cores

4:00 Part 2

Concurrent Data Structures

5:10 Part 3

Parallel Sorting
A Theory of Parallel Computation

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