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Platform and Library Resources

Every module in our collection requires a given type of hardware (a platform), often running a particular operating system, combined with certain software libraries or packages. We have or are creating instructional modules for these common platform and library/package combinations used in parallel and distributed computing (PDC):

  • Single multicore, shared memory machine using the OpenMP library
  • Cluster of multicore machines using an MPI library (either OpenMPI or MPICH2)
  • Single multicore machine with a GPU co-processor
  • Cluster of multicore machines with GPU co-processors using an MPI library
  • Single multicore machine with an Intel Xeon Phi co-processor
  • Large cluster of machines for fully distributed Map-Reduce computing using hadoop
Here we provide a collection of resources for getting started with, setting up, and accessing particular platforms that you could use for teaching PDC. We also provide some information about various software libraries or packages used on these platforms. In the boxes on the right below, you can filter your choices to see what fits your needs or interests.

Platform Setup, Libraries, and Packages


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