Initial Publication Date: August 27, 2020

Raspberry Pi Kits

Contributed by Richard Brown and Max Narvaez, St. Olaf College (,

Our CSinParallel workshops often use Raspberry Pi kits that consist of a Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC) together with peripheral components and contained in a convenient carrying case, that enable users to use the keyboard, monitor, and mouse of a laptop or desktop computer for interacting with that Raspberry Pi computer. This document describes those Raspberry Pi kits.  

PPP Characteristics

Languages Supported: Python, C++, C, Java, and other languages supported on the Raspberry Pi.
OS Compatibility: Linux (Raspberry Pi operating system) on the Raspberry Pi;  PC, Macintosh, or Linux on user's laptop or desktop.
Physical Resource Support: Local Multicore
Computational Model: Shared Memory Multiprocessor

Context of Use

Individual Raspberry Pi kits can be used to present and teach CSinParallel modules or other computational materials in courses, and can support other course and project work involving Raspberry Pi SBCs.  


(Links to appear)

  • Raspberry Pi system image - includes enhancements to enable convenient Ethernet connections between Raspberry Pi and a user's desktop or laptop computer
  • Raspberry Pi parts list - components in the current CSinParallel Raspberry Pi kit
  • Documentation for connecting a Raspberry Pi kit to a laptop or desktop - suitable for use with students and professors
  • Video on connecting a Raspberry Pi kit to a laptop or desktop by Suzanne Matthews, West Point

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