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Use this form to submit a Platform Resource to the collection. When you submit this form, your submission will become a web page which will be yours to edit and enhance.

Copyright and Permissions: You retain all rights to your contributed work and are responsible for referencing other people's work and for obtaining permission to use any copyrighted material within your contribution. By contributing your work to this web site, you are offering it up for use by anyone as long as they attribute it to you and don't use it for commercial purposes. View our terms of use (opens in a new window) for more details about this kind of Creative Commons license (opens in a new window)

To contribute:

  1. Fill out part or all of the form below and submit it. You must provide both a title
    and email address in the form below. All the other fields can be filled in below or left blank and edited further in step 2 after you submit the form. You may find it helpful to enter at least draft versions of text in the fields below.

    Note that if you leave the page without submitting the form any information you may have entered will be discarded. Once you submit the form your information will be saved.
  2. Visit the resulting web page and make additions and updates. Following these instructions (opens in a new window) (which will also be provided in email after you submit the form) you'll be able to immediately see and edit the web page created from your submission. Even if you submitted 'final' text in step 1 you'll still need to at least view the resulting web page. If you don't view the web page it won't actually be available (e.g. for others who may need to view it) until it's manually acted on by SERC staff which may take several days.

Be sure to hit the SUBMIT button before leaving this page or your information will be lost. We encourage you to compose your answers to the longer questions in a word processor and to cut and paste the resulting text into this form.

If you need help submitting your Platform Resource, please contact Molly Kent.

Platform Resource Title

The title should be evocative of the main point(s) of the Platform Resource library/language. It needs to communicate the full context of the Platform Resource on its own as it will show up in places like search returns (e.g. Google) where people won't have any contextual clues.

Contributor Name

Name and institution of author(s) of this page and any other appropriate attribution information. If the page is based on materials originally created elsewhere that should be noted with attribution given to the original authors and links provided to the original materials.

For example: This page authored by Jon Smith, Big State University, based on an original activity by Jane Smith, Smallville College.


Email addresses of the activity author(s) separated by commas. These will not be displayed in the activity page but are used for internal tracking.


This text should make it clear what the resource is. It should provide an overview of the it is meant to do and what is needed for successful implementation. The description should be concise and compelling: typically no more than 1-2 very brief paragraphs.

Context for Use

This text should help faculty understand the types of situations for which this Platform Resource is appropriate. This could include modules which utilize this resource or non-module uses.


This section should include the materials needed to implement the Platform Resource (or links and references to those materials). Recommended materials to provide include the Platform Resource itself and user and installer documentation,

  • If the material is available on another site please provide the full url.
  • If you have the materials in hand they can be uploaded using the fields below and they will be embedded in the final page so that they can be downloaded.
  • If they are published print materials please provide a complete bibliographic reference.
  • If the Platform Resource is fully documented at another site please provide the url along with a brief (one or two sentence) description of the other site.

For all materials include, in the box below, a brief description of each item covering what it is and what its role is in the Platform Resource.

If you upload files as part of your activity remember to consider their final use in deciding on appropriate formats. Materials that other faculty are likely to modify should be provided in easily editable formats (plain text, Word files), whereas materials that will be likely only used verbatim are most convenient in formats that are universally readable (PDF format is often a good choice).

Once this form has been submitted we can work with you to integrate the downloadable files into the text of this section.

Please be sure all materials you upload can be freely redistributed. For more information about copyright as it applies to materials you are sharing through this site please check our more detailed discussion (opens in a new window) of this issue.


This section should include references and links to online resources that discuss the specific Platform Resource or will support faculty and/or students using it.

Web resources should include both the url and a brief description of the site (and why it is relevant). Print resource should include basic citation information as well as a brief description of the resource.

Platform Resource Characteristics

Choose the relevant terms that help describe this Platform Resource. Filling out this section will help other educators in knowing more about this resource and determining if it will be a good fit for their available resources (the characteristics will be located underneath the description). You may choose more than one term for each characteristic category if needed.

If you would like a term to be added to a vocabulary, contact us (opens in a new window).

Languages Supported

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Physical Resource Support

Computational Model

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