Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Contributed by Mitchell Wade, St. Olaf College '11

Threading Building Blocks (TBB), created by Intel®, offers an approach to implementing parallelism in a C++ program. TBB is a library that helps programmers take advantage of multi-core processor performance without having to be an expert on threading. The library represents a higher-level, task-based parallelism that abstracts platform details and threading mechanisms for scalability and performance.

PPP Characteristics

Languages Supported: C++
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Physical Resource Support: Local Multicore, Remote Multicore
Computational Model: Shared Memory

Context of Use

Intel Threading Building Blocks is utilized in the following modules:


Although there are commercial releases of Threading Building Blocks, Intel® has made TBB available as open source (known as a "Commercial Aligned Release").


TBB official site
TBB as an Open Source

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