Initial Publication Date: August 2, 2015

Useful software for your laptop


We are providing access to a few remote unix machines for you to use during this workshop. You will need a mechanism to login to the machines via ssh. A client application on your laptop will get this job done.

  • If you are on a Mac, your terminal application in the Applications/Utilities folder will work
  • On a PC, we like the bitvise ssh client. Or perhaps you already have PuTTY.


If you are comfortable with using an editor on your laptop that saves files remotely, you might want to choose this option in addition to the ssh client. We like Komodo Edit as a free option that has Mac and PC versions. For a PC, we have seen recommendations for Edit Plus, but you do have to buy a license for it after 30 days. If you use SublimeText, there is a Sublime sftp plugin you can pay for that adds remote editing capabilities to this editor.