WMR Exemplar: UK Traffic Incidents

Jeffrey Lyman (edited by Libby Shoop), Macalester College
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Initial Publication Date: August 13, 2014


The purpose of this module is to teach students how to analyze datasets distributed over multiple files using the Hadoop framework. It is assumed that students are already familiar with the basics of hadoop and CSInParallel's Web Map Reduce (WMR) hadoop interface.
The exercises in this module use a dataset from the UK department of Transportation that contains detailed records of traffic accidents split into three separate files. The module contains example code to try and then additional suggestions for analyses that students can perform.

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Learning Goals

Given an example of a map-reduce computation using multiple data files as input, students will be able to complete their own analyses of the data to answer different questions.

Context for Use

This example can be used after students have gained some familiarity with the map-reduce concept and have used WebMapReduce (WMR), such as completing the introductory WMR module from this collection.

Description and Teaching Materials

You can visit the module in your browser:
Hadoop Traffic Analysis

Or you can download the module in either PDF, latex, or Word format.
PDF Format: HadoopTrafficAnalysis.pdf.
Latex Format: latex.tar.gz.
Word Format: HadoopTrafficAnalysis.docx.

Teaching Notes and Tips

You will need access to the data on a system with hadoop and WMR installed. Contact Libby Shoop, shoop at macalester dot edu, for more information about WMR access for educational purposes or to obtain the data example.


Assessment instrument not available.

References and Resources

Please see the WebMapRedcue home page for how to obtain and install WMR.

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